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We specialise in making dream homes a reality here at Stunn Painters. From new build construction services to interior design to renovations to painting and decorating, our services will transform your home, creating a space you love living in and showing off to friends and family. Our team is highly skilled, and we have extensive experience in the building, interior design, and decorating industries. We deliver exacting standards of quality and workmanship, and we have in-depth knowledge of the best and latest construction and interior design materials. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.
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What We Do


Building & Maintenance

We are skilled builders based in Franklin, but we operate in Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, and Waiheke Island, providing a full range of high-quality building services, including building maintenance.

Painting & Plastering

We also provide decorating, painting, and plastering services in Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, and Waiheke Island, as well as in Franklin. We can handle all your painting and decorating needs.

Interior Design

Our interior design services set us apart from other builders in Auckland. We provide interior design as part of our other services, plus we offer interior design as a standalone service.

Steel Frame Modular Homes

Steel frame modular homes are strong and highly durable. To speak to us about building steel frame modular homes in Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, Franklin, or Waiheke Island, get in touch.
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Why Us

Why Choose Stunn Painters
for Your Building or Interior Design Project?

Stunn Painters stands out from the competition because of the quality of workmanship that we deliver and the range of services that we offer. Our workmanship standards are second-to-none, making them ideally suited to high-end projects where there is an expectation for attention to detail and the highest standards of finish. The range of services that we offer means we can help with your project from the early planning stages, through to construction, and ending with interior design and adding all the finishing touches.

Passion for creating dream homes


Extensive experience


Unrivalled expertise


Committed to delivering on your requirements

Building Services

Building a new home is a major undertaking, particularly if you are building a house with unique architectural features and a high-level specification. The same applies if you are planning a renovation project to a similar standard of quality, or if you are renovating a villa or other type of period property.

At Stunn Painters, we have the skills and expertise to complete your building project to the highest standards. We’ll take your drawings, plans, and specification documents, as well as the vision you have for your house, and we will make them a reality.

We’ll handle all aspects of the project, too, ensuring your construction experience is as hassle-free and smooth as possible. Our expertise includes:

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  • Project management of residential new build, renovation, and restoration projects.
  • Planning the construction project as well as budget and timeline management.
  • Providing accurate estimates and quotes for residential construction projects.
  • Management of all stages of the build, including management of all tradespeople.
  • Health and safety and ensuring that health and safety procedures are properly followed.
  • Maintaining a clean building site where rubbish and debris are regularly removed.
  • Quality control where we apply robust procedures from the start and see them through to the end.
  • All work post-construction, including painting and decorating in addition to interior design.

We can also provide several other specialist services. This includes giving you advice and expert insight in the planning stages of your project, as well as at all other stages. This advice is particularly beneficial if your project involves the renovation or restoration of an older house, or if there are complexities or design challenges in your new build.

We can provide you with advice on the potential pitfalls to overcome and the estimated costs involved to achieve what you want to achieve, as well as giving you solutions to the various challenges.

Building Maintenance Services

Building maintenance is another specialist service that we offer here at Stunn Painters. Our main area of expertise is residential building maintenance, but we can help with the maintenance requirements in any building in Franklin where we are based as well as in the Auckland region, Hamilton, Taupo, or Waiheke Island.

From repairing leaking roofs to ensuring the plumbing and electrics are performing up to standard, we’ll respond quickly to your request for building maintenance. Get in touch with us today to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Interior Design Services

We are passionate about creating dream homes, not just building them. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of interior design services. Our interior design services are available as an addition to our new build, renovation, or restoration building work to ensure your home is perfect and fully complete before we leave the job. Alternatively, we offer standalone interior design services if you want to give your home a makeover.

There are a number of benefits of choosing us at Stunn Painters if you are looking for interior designers in Franklin, the Auckland region, Waiheke Island, Hamilton, Taupo, or the surrounding areas:

  • We have an intense passion for interior design, and we are fully committed to taking your ideas, style preferences, and requirements to make every room in your house stunning.
  • Working with one contractor that can provide you with interior design services as well as handling any building work that is required will make the process easier. You’ll also save time and money.
  • We have a meticulous eye for detail, and we stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the interior design industry. We have excellent product knowledge, too, from lighting to soft furnishings to floor coverings and more. We have a detailed understanding of kitchen and bathroom design as well.
  • We’ll deliver the highest standards of workmanship on your project, with quality guaranteed.

To get a quote for interior design, to get some inspiration, or to talk to us about the vision you have for your home, please get in touch with us at Stunn Painters today.

Home Staging Services

Home staging is one of the specialist interior design services that we offer at Stunn Painters. If you are selling your home, we’ll make sure it is looking its best to maximise the sales price and increase interest. From our experience, the increase in price you can expect on the sale of your house will easily cover the cost of the home staging service.

Our home staging services are available in Franklin, Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, and Waiheke Island. Our services are fully customised, too, based on your home and requirements. We can give you a free, no-obligation quote once we have seen your home and found out more about what you expect.

We can also give you expert advice on the steps you should take when selling your home. Plus, as we offer plastering, painting, and building services at Stunn Painters, we can handle any work that needs completed as part of the home staging process. You will save money on this work, too, as you will only be dealing with one contractor. Get in touch today to find out more.

Decorating, Painting, and Plastering

At Stunn Painters, we don’t believe our job should always end once the construction work is complete on your new build, renovation, or restoration project. After all, the project doesn’t end for you at that stage – far from it. Once the construction work is completed, the house needs painted and decorated at the very least. It probably also needs a range of other finishing touches applied.

Whatever your requirements, we can help. We can integrate painting and decorating with our building services to save you time, money, and hassle. Plus, you’ll get the same high standards of workmanship that we offer on the construction part of your project.

We also offer standalone painting and decorating services, so we can help if you want a reliable contractor with an excellent track record of providing the highest standards of service and finish in the industry.

We can handle all parts of your project, too, including plastering work if you have walls or ceilings that need to be repaired or restored to a smooth surface again ready for painting.

Plus, with our interior design expertise, we can also provide colour scheme advice as well as advice on all other aspects of decorating the rooms in your home.

When we are delivering painting and decorating services, or when we are doing plastering work in your home, we’ll use high-quality materials from the world’s leading brands. We have extensive experience using products from these brands, so we know they produce the best results.

We’d love to discuss your painting, decorating, or plastering project, and we’d love to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, so please get in touch today.

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